auro@home:~$ cd /about/
auro@home:~/about$ cat auro.txt Auro:

I'm a programmer that enjoys learning and creating. I have worked with many large creators, such as Daily Dose of Internet, as well as a few other verified Twitch streamers.

Some of my notable projects include:

> OuraBot, my advanced Twitch Bot

> Danker Rust Server, a website I made which connects to a Rust server and custom made plugins

> Custom Minecraft Plugins, a few plugins I made for my Minecraft server

Open source projects I have worked on:

> chatterino/chatterino2

> mmattDonk/AI-TTS-Donations

> twitter/the-algorithm

> SevenTV/EventAPI

Social media and contact:

> GitHub

> Twitter

> Twitch

> Discord

> Email

Languages and frameworks I have worked with: